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  • Professional Staffing Clients 

  • Issues:  UK recruiters can make placements in multiple EEA jursidictions and further afield across the USA, EMEA and Asia/Australasia.  UK standard contract terms with their references to English regulations are not commercially suitable for other markets, all of which have their own regulations governing recruitment and the independent services model.  Holland, Germany and France are all countries with new laws affecting the supply of freelancers.

  • Foxgrove Legal Input:  We can offer  international "service supply" terms, subject to English law and jurisdiction but incorporating applicable laws relevant to the jurisdiction in which services are performed.  These are similar in style to master agreements used by global clients.

  • We can help on sector and international expansion, providing country specific checklists.

  • We can assist with establishing auditable compliance procedures, ensuring the safety of their contractors and an understanding of  contractual risk and exposures.

  • Outcomes: Rules based international business, transferring control from individual recruitment consultants to business management.  Increased levels of  business due to improved understanding of individual markets and movement away from a "one size fits all" model.

  • Global Energy and Engineering Professional Staffing Clients

  • Issues:  Engineering and Energy  recruiters  need to understand their complex legal risks and to ensure that their Terms Review and Compliance processes keep pace with their growth.  Similar issues arise in other STEM sectors such as pharmaceuticals and ITC.

  • Foxgrove Legal Input: We undertake Risk Audits reviewing contracts, policies, key client terms, insurances, and supplier relationships. Following a Recommendations Report we assist with the roll out of compliance and risk management programmes, including  client terms review processes, internal training, appointment of specialist insurance brokers and revised terms.

  • Outcomes: Better visibility at board level and improved corporate governance.  Lower business risk and improved insurance cover.  Auditable documentation facilitating quicker and easier due diligence for business financiers, investors and potential purchasers.


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